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Is our individuality the ‘ego’ that stops us experiencing unity or is it the foundation from which we wake up to oneness?

Deep Sensing Meditation

This is an extract from my 'DEEP CONNECTION' Meditation CD that uses amazing Hemisync technology to take you deeper.  You can the CD and explore Hemisync technology here: https://...

An in-depth conversation between philosophers Tim Freke and Ken Wilber about the great mysteries of existence. 

Thoughts while walking about this common assertion.  

T!M FREKE talks about his latest book 'Soul Story' exploring how an evolutionary understand can unite spirituality and science 

Where does consciousness come from?  Tim explores his latest ideas. 

A conversation about living a Deep Awake Life 

Tim is interviewed by Ryan from 'Sorting Myself Out' youtube channel 

Tim muses about the timeless nature of mathematical truths 

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