The Myth of Enlightenment, Deep Awake Dialogue 19

January 20, 2018

Richard and I take on the idea of 'Attaining Enlightenment' as being the supreme purpose of the spiritual quest.




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Andrew Cohen & Tim Freke in Dialogue

November 29, 2017

Here’s a video and audio version of my recent conversation with Andrew Cohen.

I found it a stimulating experience that raised a lot of important questions about the future of evolutionary spirituality.

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What is Time? -T!M Freke Forum

November 12, 2017

Tim responds to a question from the Tim Freke Forum.


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The Evolution of the Immortal Soul - T!M Freke Forum

November 12, 2017

Tim responds to a question from the Tim Freke Forum on the evolution of the soul.

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Reflections on a Conversation with Andrew Cohen, Deep Awake Dialogue 18

November 7, 2017

Recorded just after Tim had returned from a controversial dialogue with Andrew Cohen. Here are his initial reflections.

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Non-Duality, Deep Awake Dialogue 17

October 24, 2017

Tim talks about the philosophy of Non-Dualism, or Advaita Vedanta. He discusses how this concept appears in different forms of spirituality around the world, and the different perspective that can be taken on it. He also talks about how it has evolved in the West in recent years - into neo-advaita - and the benefits and pitfalls of this philosophy.

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Meditation Massage, Deep Awake Dialogue 16

October 9, 2017

T!M and his wife, Deborah O'Shea Freke, talk about their development of a Deep Awake - Meditation Massage Training Program.

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The Demiurge and the Problem of Evil, Deep Awake Dialogue 15

October 8, 2017

Richard asks Tim about the Gnostic concept of the Demiurge, the lesser God responsible for the creation of the material cosmos. Tim talks about how the Gnostics used the Demiurge to explain the problem of evil, how a God of pure love could create a world of suffering.

Tim goes on to discuss whether he feels this answer to the problem stands up to scrutiny and where his own thought process has taken him.

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Is Life a Dream? Deep Awake Dialogue 14

September 30, 2017

Tim and Richard discuss the philosophy of idealism - the view that the apparently material world arises within consciousness, just as in a dream. Tim discusses the evolution of his thought on this from his early writing through to the publication of Soul Story.

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Soul Story - Evolution and the Purpose of Life

September 20, 2017

T!M talks about his latest book Soul Story at the Conscious Cafe in Amsterdam

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